A Taste of Argentina

The taste of Argentina is very rich and unique. The foods of its capital city, Buenos Aires, are grilled meats, seafood, fresh salads, pastas and vegetables.

Argentinean dining is very cosmopolitan with a touch of Spanish, Italian, French and other ethnic foods. The food is simple, not particularly spice, yet flavorful.

Strongly European in background and culture, Agentineans enjoy dining in a generally relaxed atmosphere where conversations and gracious dining go hand-in-hand. Che, Pibe Argentinian Grill,  offers a warm atmosphere and fresh foods prepared in the Argentinean style.


We Select The Best Cuts of Meat


Our Love for Food

Food for us is more than just substance to nourish our bodies, food brings us together at a table, where we laugh, share stories and forget about our troubles. Food and Cooking are some of our true passions.  We cook out of the love for food and the satisfaction, pleasure and connection it provides. There is no love more sincere than the love for food.